Fishing nets in Chekka & Sarafand
Focus Area
Fishermen & the Sea
Local Partners
Fishing syndicates in Al Sarafand & Chekka
Geographic Scope
Al Sarafand, South Lebanon & Chekka, North Lebanon
534 fishermen (487 in Al Sarafand, and 47 in Chekka)

This project formed part of SEAL’s ongoing contribution to providing and distributing fishing nets in Lebanon. Due to a lack of modern nets and methods, fishermen are not able to benefit from fishing on the industrial level and are classified as artisans. Meanwhile, most fishing nets used have an extremely small (and illegal) mesh size, with grave consequences for the marine ecosystem and on fish stocks; the illegal use of dynamite is still widespread; fishing equipment is expensive; and traditional fishermen have no access to institutional credit. Based on the FAI EastMed’s assessment of fishing gear in Lebanon (2011), SEAL’s priority is to support the use of more sustainable fishing gears and increase the exploitation of offshore waters, whilst reducing the fishing pressure from coastal waters - with the full collaboration of the local fishing industry. This initiative distributed 1,068 big nets to 534 fishermen in Al Sarafand and Chekka, with each fisherman receiving two nets.

This project is a part of SEAL’s FISHING NET DISTRIBUTION program, which distributes large-mesh nets among under-served fishing communities to increase their productivity in an environmentally sustainable way.


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