Asset building in the North
Focus Area
Land & Agriculture
Local Partners
American University of Beirut
Geographic Scope
North Lebanon
3 farmers

Recognizing that organic agriculture helps soil conservation and slows the land degradation process down, SEAL helps promote organic agricultural practices.

The process started with six organic farmers submitting grant application letters to the AUB program. After evaluating these farmers' requests and checking the accuracy of the information they presented, applications were prioritized, translated from Arabic to English, and then sent to SEAL.

The following applicants were selected, based on AUB's recommendation:
• Agricultural Development Cooperative, Sir-Denniyeh: purchase of a mechanical weed machine
• Farmer Ahmad Khodor Hussein, Bebnine-Akkar: purchase of greenhouses
• Farmer Ahmad Fuad Rifaii, Bebnine-Akkar: purchase of greenhouses
• Farmer Hussein Moanneh, Tayr Felsay-Tyre area: purchase of a mechanical weed machine

SEAL financed two-thirds of the purchases, while the farmers contributed the other third.

This was the second project undertaken by SEAL in partnership with AUB's Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences.


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