Water pipes in Seraaita
Focus Area
Water & Irrigation
Local Partners
Mayor of Seraayta
Geographic Scope
Jbeil District, Mount Lebanon
18 farmers
Arable land increased by 50,000 square meters

This project entailed the irrigation of over 50,000 square meters of agricultural land in Seraayta, in partnership with the Mayor of Seraaita. Farmers in this region were unable to irrigate their land due to improper water management. The construction of 3,500 meters of pipelines helped a total of 18 farmers, not only with respect to improved economic opportunities, but also because water access was provided in an environmentally friendly way which benefited this community for years afterwards.

This project is a part of SEAL’s IRRIGATION NETWORK program, which digs wells and installs irrigation systems throughout Lebanon.

دعم عملنا

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