Organic Honey Production in Sannine
Focus Area
Land & Agriculture
Local Partners
Sannine Cooperative for Sustainable Agriculture (SCSA)
Geographic Scope
Baskinta, Northern Metn, Mount Lebanon
The objective of this project is to ensure an additional income for farmers through a strategic organic honey business, which will be licensed internationally.

The coop currently has an agreement with the Biomass Company, which ensures the purchase of the coop’s CCPB certified organic honey (according to European Regulations of Organic Farming). This will guarantee financial stability and project continuity-- and will force beekeepers to commit to the coop’s high production standards.

Beyond the economic opportunities for the beekeepers and employees, healthy bee populations are known to be crucial in maintaining ecosystems. They support both the environment and the wider agricultural sector. Additionally, all honey production will be organic, which will ensure healthy products for consumers.

This project will increase honey production by 50%, as well as increase member incomes by 50%.


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