Live Love Tours
Focus Area
Culture & Tourism
Local Partners
Live Love Lebanon
Geographic Scope
Across Lebanon
At least 10 cooperatives/municipalities previously funded by SEAL
SEAL has partnered with the NGO Live Love Lebanon in order to launch Live Love Tours, a digital platform to sell experiences and develop the economy and tourism in rural Lebanon. This project brings together SEAL’s 20 year history working with small businesses and producers in Lebanon, and Live Love’s 6 years of building Lebanon’s most engaged media channel, with the aim of creating a new market for rural tours in Lebanon that will bring sustainable economic opportunities to local makers, developing the rural economy through creative marketing campaigns and original content.

The aim is to create and manage a self-funding Live Love Tours platform to boost internal tourism and bring new business to rural regions of Lebanon and local producers there - focusing on SEAL’s existing network of beneficiaries. Live Love will train rural guides as well as rural SEAL beneficiaries in welcoming guests and using social media; they will create stories around SEAL beneficiaries to amplify their work; and they will actively promote the work of SEAL beneficiaries on their website and during tours. In particular, Live Love will develop 10 Live Love Tours that include a visit to one or more SEAL beneficiary.

The Live Love Tours objectives are to create jobs for rural cooperatives, restaurants, hostels and attractions, and to bring customers to local businesses across all villages and regions - while building capacity among rural communities to market their work.

SEAL’s funds will be used to build the Live Love Tours website and mobile application; to package and market the 10 SEAL Live Live Tours; to train rural guides and SEAL beneficiaries and prepare them to receive customers; and to hire staff to manage the project.


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